I was recently asked, what do we owe our longevity in racing? It seems like just yesterday when my Dad said to my Mother, “Let’s build a stock car.” That was October, 1954 and Chapter 1 of Leinbach Motorsports.
    While it all started that fateful night at the supper table, the real story is the many friends who have put in the thousands of hours to field these cars for all these years. The early years the crew consisted of my uncles, cousins, and my Dad’s closest friends. The cars were kept in a small garage across from Pendora Park in Reading.
    Chapter 2 is the days we spent with Ralph Blankenbiller at my brother’s gas station in Shillington. These were the days that began our longtime relationship with Davey Marburger. These days brought an entire new crew, just as dedicated and hard working.
    Chapter 3 was the birth of the Leinbach Brothers Racing team. The crew that maintained these cars was a unique group of guys. We raced 2 to 4 nights per week. They spent every non racing night at Suburban Dodge until 11p.m.and every Sunday morning. This crew was fondly known as Ronnie and the “Stooges”.
    Chapter 4 began in 1988 and Leinbach Motorsports as it is today. This crew is guys so devoted they are willing to travel long distances and stay multiple nights. They work their tails off while paying their own expenses.
    I would like to dedicate 2015 season to these many people who worked so hard and sacrificed to keep this thing going. Many are gone while many are still with us. Loyal men like Al Aulenbach, Sonny Folk, Russ Hartman, Larry Young, Gene Stratton, Carl Miller, Lenny Sutter, George Spracklin, Curt Stoyer, Phil Paskos, Gerry Sarge, Butch Pfleger, Rick Bates, Dave Homa, Bill Baeighkley, Dave Mohler, Rick Kingsboro, Ted Kline, and most of all, Jose Walker and the people who make up the crew of the “NINE” for the 2015 season. For without these people with their loyalty and dedication our career would have been much shorter.

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Check out the crew chief peeking up at the LF fender.




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Gayle, Ronnie and Ross Leinbach
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Shorty Kershner and Steve Schroll in 1971
                                                                        Ears Mayberry in 1958


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