9/14/2014 UPDATE:
    Saturday night the “NINE” car traveled to Lincoln Speedway for Ron Kline’s first visit to the legendary Abbotstown oval. Ron was able to post a 2nd place finish in the heat race, thus securing a 6th place starting spot for the feature. Ron battled with the front 5 cars the entire race and was able to bring the “NINE” home with a 4th place finish. The owners and crew were not only pleased with the final results, but also the fine job driver Ron Kline did in his first attempt at the tricky oval. Since Ron has taken over the driver’s seat, he has an average finish of 6.2 and has raised the average finish of the “NINE” team to 7th.  The season average is for every race we competed in 2014. This has certainly showed a mark of consistency by our team and driver Ron Kline.
    We have 1 race left, SSP on 9/27. While the Rocket “NINE” is finished racing for the year and is in  beginning preparation for 2015, we will be competing with the black PPM chassis/PFS powered car which already has seen victory lane at both SSP and Trail-ways.
    The positive thing that Ron Kline has brought to this team is his ability to work with both management and the pit crew of the “NINE” team. He has become not only the leader of the team, as a driver should be, but also a cheerleader. His encouraging attitude has spread like wildfire and has eliminated the tension our team had been dealing with. With the addition of Ron, Leinbach Motorsports is back on track and the wins will surely follow. The entire team can’t wait for the first race of 2015.
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Check out the crew chief peeking up at the LF fender.




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Gayle, Ronnie and Ross Leinbach
Owners, Leinbach Motorsports
Crew Chief Ross Leinbach in Victory Lane with his quarter midget at age 5.
Davey Marburger battling legend Dick "Toby' Tobias at the former Reading Fairgrounds in 1970.
                                                                                          Jack Rudy at the former Reading Fairgrounds on Kids Night in 1958



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