The Randy Stoudt driven “NINE” late model went to the post only 4 times in July. The results may have seemed a bit subpar for the team as there were no wins during this month long drought. We were disappointed with our results since June was such a successful month. The “NINE” placed 14th in the Susky topless show when a highly regarded super late model driver and chassis builder had trouble getting going on a restart and collected Randy when he spun. The damage kept us from rebounding to a better finish. The following race saw  a broken differential part take us out of completion while running in the top 5.The following week saw the PPM chassis black “NINE” take a back of the pack starting spot and turn it into a 5th place finish in the Firecracker 40 at Grandview speedway. The final race of the month was a 4th place finish in an amazing run buy driver Randy Stoudt. After being caught up in a multiple car pileup, he merely brought a wrecked race car with extreme suspension system damage from the rear to post a 4th place finish. Randy’s feat was nothing short of superhuman and showed his sheer determination and was greatly appreciated by the owners and crew.
We are planning 2 trips to Susky and 2 trips to Grandview in the month of August. It appears a 2nd Rocket may be added to the Leinbach Motorsports stable in the near future. This car will be used to replace the PPM car, which is now for sale, for the 2017 season.   
    The carburetor department is being kept busy rebuilding and repairing competitor’s carburetor. We have now added a Grandview legal loaner carb for customers to use while we repair their carburetors.
    Please check our schedule page as we have many changes to please many of our local fans.
    Leinbach Motorsports are now selling Randy Stoudt t-shirts. Orders are being taken now for the 4th order. All profits will be donated to Breast Cancer Awareness in the name of our good friend Linda Bigler who lost her battle with this dreaded disease not that long ago.
    Check out our schedule page, as it is now complete.
Sponsorship packages are now available and we may be contacted at our email address for further information. Join a part of history and become part of a racing tradition for 2017 as Leinbach Motorsports competes in the family’s 63rd racing season. Your advertisement money not only gets your name on the car, but also personal appearances by the car, driver, and owners, depending on your venue.
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                                                                      Randy in victory lane for the 4th win of the season



                                                                      The crew in victory lane. #wemakeagreatteam


















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