8/17/2014 UPDATE:
Driver Ron Kline and the blood red Rocket “NINE” finished a strong 6th on strange track conditions at the Grove. We underestimated the track conditions making the “NINE” tight the entire feature. The low groove was the place to run and the car was just tight enough to make the car unmaneuverable on the bottom. Having the 2nd highest point average continues to hurt us in the starting lineup. By the time Ron cleared some of the slower cars, the first two cars built up a huge lead over the rest of the pack. Ron ran down the 4th and 5th place cars but was unable complete a pass as they were running side by side. It is important to both Ron and the team that we continue to experiment to increase our “notebook” on chassis set ups for next season.
The “NINE” car remains 2nd in the car points at the Grove and appears that Leinbach Motorsports will post the 2nd place car for the 2nd time in 3 years. Ron has done a tremendous job as he has an average finish of 5.8 since taking over the driver’s seat.
The Rocket has 2 races left at the Grove and then it will be time for the Ghost Rider black “NINE” to complete the season at Lincoln and SSP. The SSP race is the annual Late Model Showdown in which the “NINE” has had much success in the past, including numerous top 5’s by Carl Graves and a 2nd by Randy Stoudt in 2012. While the season is winding down, rest assured we’re not finished yet.
It is confirmed that the Leinbach/Kline team will remain together to seek that elusive point title at the Grove in 2015. Ron has been just what the Doctor ordered for a team that has faced so much turmoil from the driver’s seat the last 2+ years.  Continue to follow our website for exciting news coming for 2015.

We would like to thank all our sponsors and the crew as the crew for their constant support and devotion to Leinbach Motorsports and the great sport we participate in.
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Check out the crew chief peeking up at the LF fender.




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Gayle, Ronnie and Ross Leinbach
Owners, Leinbach Motorsports
Crew Chief Ross Leinbach in Victory Lane with his quarter midget at age 5.



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