2017 has begun and may well have ended for the “Leinbach Motorsports” gang.  A spectacular flip at Susky on April 1st saw the destruction of the primary car and driver Randy Stoudt suffering a serious concussion. Three weeks later saw Randy involved in a minor incident at Grandview when a spinning driver neglected to lock his car down and drifted up into Randy’s line. The sudden impact brought Randy’s concussion symptoms back. While not suffering an additional concussion, it has been recommended that Randy not return to the driver’s seat until all his symptoms are gone and he is released to return.
There is a new Rocket under construction in the shop and is nearing completion. The familiar red Rocket is waiting for the team to begin repairs as soon as the black Rocket is complete. The cars could be raced in a week’s notice, when Randy gets the go ahead to return. While a number of drivers have shown interest in subbing while Randy convalesces it has been decided that we will wait for Randy’s recovery and begin racing then. At this point, no return date has been set, but rest assured the “NINE” cars will return. If we are unable to return in a reasonable amount of time, all sponsors will remain on the cars for 2018 at no additional charge.  
I would like to thank all the crew members, fans, sponsors, and the shop guys for their understanding and encouragement during these trying times.  Ronnie, Gayle, Ross, and Randy “Thank you”
    Our personnel remains unchanged with CEO Ron Leinbach, CFO Gayle Leinbach, Crew Chief Ross Leinbach, Car Chief Jose Walker, and Driver Randy Stoudt all returning as the management team. Josh Metzler has been named Chief fabricator and is earning his new position with the construction of a new car during the season. Butch Pfleger, Jason Pfleger, and Jason Moore will be returning to their roles as crew members at the track.   
The carburetor department is being kept busy rebuilding and repairing competitor’s carburetor So far this season, we have completed rebuilds on 6 Baker carbs, 3 Grandview legal carbs, 2 street stock carb, 1 vintage, and 1 Willys gas carb. Ronnie will repair or recondition any make carburetor as long as the manufacturer is known. It is our intention to bring carburetors back to life as they were intended when new. Make your appointment early as we will not allow customer carburetors to back up. Appointments are made for a 1 week turn around.
Sponsorship packages are now available and we may be contacted at our email address for further information. Join a part of history and become part of a racing tradition for as Leinbach Motorsports competes in the family’s 63rd racing season. Your advertisement money not only gets your name on the car, but also personal appearances by the car, driver, and owners, depending on your venue.
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