The gang here at Leinbach Motorsports is busy preparing the two cars for the upcoming season. The Blood Red Rocket is in final stages of construction. We are in the process of installing a new Hershey power plant that will supply us with even more horsepower than previous years. Driver Ron Kline is anxious to begin his quest to annex the Williams Grove point title in April. This car will be raced solely at the “Grove” and perhaps some special shows at ½ mile tracks after the Topless 30 in August.
The Midnight Black PPM car is also in final stages of completion. Ronnie and Ross have done the 2015 updates recommended by the manufacturer. This car has wins at 3 different tracks with 3 different drivers the last 2 years including the final Fall Fest at the “Grove”. This car will be powered by a Pete Troutman prepared 358 c.i. engine which has already been installed. While not running for a point title, although a run at the Dual Track Championship has not been ruled out. This car will see races at Trail-way, Lincoln, and SSP.
It appears that most of the crew will be returning for 2015. The entire crew and their individual duties will be the topic up a future update.
Sponsorship packages are now available and may be ordered at our email address. Join a part of history and become part of a racing tradition as Leinbach Motorsports competes in the family’s 61st racing season. Your advertisement money not only gets your name on the car, but also personal appearances by the car, driver, and owners, depending on your venue.
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Check out the crew chief peeking up at the LF fender.




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Gayle, Ronnie and Ross Leinbach
Owners, Leinbach Motorsports
Crew Chief Ross Leinbach in Victory Lane with his quarter midget at age 5.

Crew Chief Ross Leinbach getting ready for his first                       Russ Leinbach, Jr. in 1993
feature win in 1990.


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