7/21/2014 UPDATE:
Driver Ron Kline has now competed in both “NINE” cars. His maiden voyage in the Rocket was impressive as he started last and brought home a 9th place finish and the hard charger award. On 7/19/2014 we took the PPM short track car to SSP. Ron won the heat and started 9th in the feature.  From the start a faulty brake shut off switch kept the car on 3 wheel brakes for the entire feature. Ron was still able to move forward. He was battling for the 7th spot when the driver running 9th drove into the L/R quarter panel and getting hook with the “NINE”. We were awarded 9th in the finishing order. Ron was pleased with both cars as we are with his driving. We are excited to get past starting last and be able to start in a handicapped spot.
We would like to thank all our sponsors as well as the crew for their constant support and devotion to Leinbach Motorsports and the great sport we participate in.
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Check out the crew chief peeking up at the LF fender.




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Gayle, Ronnie and Ross Leinbach
Owners, Leinbach Motorsports

Leinbach Bros Racing Team with Davey Marburger driving on their way to the feature win April 11, 1970 at the former Reading Fairgrounds.



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