Leinbach Motorsports is revving up for our 63rd consecutive season. We are a family based business that began in October 1954 and raced our first race in May 1955. It is a business that has been passed from father to sons, to grandson during 7 decades of operation.

            The 2017 season is quickly approaching and preparation is on schedule. The ever popular and successful “Red Rocket” is now in the final stages of reconditioning and updating. The exterior is scheduled for completion in the near future. This car will be used as the secondary car to be raced in non-point races and traveling shows. It will have a Hershey race engines prepared vortec engine with a Leinbach Motorsports prepared fuel system.

            The 2017 “Secret Weapon” is a recently purchased from the Colby Frye stable. This car has won races in the tough super latemodel division and is the car that driver Randy Stoudt felt was the right piece to replace the “Red Rocket. This Rocket will display an all new color scheme and the familiar bat theme. It will be powered by a Hershey Race Engines designed powerplant and a Leinbach Motorsports fuel system. Shocks will again be furnished by Superfly shocks for both cars. 

            The successful PPM chassis car is still for sale, while there has been much interest in this vehicle, it is still here. This is a great car with a ton of wins. If we do not sell it, don’t be surprised if you don’t see it at some of the bigger paying Crate races this summer.

            Our personnel remains unchanged with CEO Ron Leinbach,  CFO Gayle Leinbach, Crew Chief  Ross Leinbach, Car Chief Jose Walker, and Driver Randy Stoudt all returning as the management team. Josh Metzler will be assisting Jose, after becoming an important and trusted member of the team here at the shop. Butch Pfleger, Jason Pfleger, and Jason Moore will be returning to their roles as crew members at the track.  

            Keep watching as we have some exciting news  concerning sponsors and we will report it as soon as it becomes official.

The carburetor department is being kept busy rebuilding and repairing competitor’s carburetor. We have just completed a rebuild on our first out of state carburetor. So far this winter, we have completed rebuilds on 2 Baker carbs, 2 Grandview legal carbs, 1 street stock carb, and 1 Willys gas carb. Make your appointment early as we will not allow customer carburetors to back up. Appointments are made for a 1 week turn around.

Sponsorship packages are now available and we may be contacted at our email address for further information. Join a part of history and become part of a racing tradition for 2017 as Leinbach Motorsports competes in the family’s 63rd racing season. Your advertisement money not only gets your name on the car, but also personal appearances by the car, driver, and owners, depending on your venue.

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Crew at the 2016 Susquehanna Speedway Banquet














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